Interior Cleaning

Chagrin Auto Spa's Complete Interior Care

Interior Cleaning

Interior Cleaning

At Chagrin Auto Spa we take pride in your vehicles care. We take every effort to ensure that each aspect of your vehicle is cleaned and maintained so that your vehicle lasts as long as you have it. Regularly cleaning and maintenance is key to this factor. Whether you are coming in for a basic interior cleaning or the more advanced deep cleansing we offer solutions that fit your budget and time. Come stop by and see our facility and what our employees can do for you! 

Interior cleaning includes:

Basic Interior:

 Interior cleaning and vacuuming: All carpets within the interior of the vehicle are vacuumed
Window cleaning: All windows in and out of the vehicle are cleaned
Dusting: Dashboard and center-console are dusted to remove particles
Air freshener (optional): With a large Variety of scents we will add a refreshing scent to the car


Compete Interior:

Basic Interior

2 rubber mats cleaned: We remove your rubber mats and wash them separately

dash and console cleaned and conditioned: The dash is more than dusted, instead it is cleaned, and if leather conditioned


Premium Interior

Complete Interior

All rubber mats cleaned

doors and leather seats cleaned and conditionedWe clean and condition all leather surfaces of the car as well as ensure that the door panels and other features are spotless